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ABA Education Services And Teacher Training

educators work together on autism education services and teacher trainingBreakthrough ABA’s treatment team provides Behavioral Health treatment in a variety of settings, which may include school settings when medically to ameliorate a child’s disabling conditions and deficits resulting from autism and other developmental and behavior challenges. We will also coordinate with teachers and school districts on a child Behavioral Health program.

In addition to providing insurance funded Behavioral Health services, Breakthrough ABA is available to contract directly with schools and schools districts to provide training, staffing and support services. Our professionals have significant experience in the classroom and can provide schools with the support they need to help students with autism and other developmental  and other developmental and behavioral challenges get a meaningful education on par with their peers. Breakthrough ABA uses individualized evidence-based Applied Behavioral Analysis techniques to help these students learn and grow.

How Can Breakthrough ABA Support Learning?


Breakthrough ABA can provide support for students in a classroom, virtual school and support for children in pre-school/daycares settings.

After School Program

Breakthrough ABA’s After School Program provides an environment where school-age students can learn and interact with peers. A structured schedule, supported by ongoing parent training, promotes success in students with autism, and developmental and behavior challenges. A treatment program right after school can address social challenges and communication difficulties.

Social skills developed in our After School Program could include showing good sportsmanship and understanding friendships. Communication challenges could be addressed by working on conversation skills and understanding non-verbal cues. Students could also work on  skills related to following instructions, retaining information, and working independently.

If your child could benefit from an After School Program, contact Breakthrough ABA at 281.899.0146 for more information.

Seek Support at Breakthrough ABA

Each child that Breakthrough ABA works with is unique and has strengths and weaknesses, but they all deserve the best education possible. To that end, the team will work with children with autism and other learning and behavioral challenges to give them the tools they need to thrive. The center offers a wide array of services designed for children between the ages of eighteen months and ten years. These expert services include:

  • Assessments
  • Center Based ABA Therapy
  • Home Based ABA Therapy
  • ABA Parent Training
  • ABA Social Skills Training
  • ABA Telehealth Services

With the support that students and teachers can receive from Breakthrough ABA and the services offered outside of the classroom, each student can become the best version of themself. For more information, please contact Breakthrough ABA today at 281.899.0146.