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ABA Social Skills Training Program

children benefit from an autism social skills training programOne of the most common hallmarks of autism and other developmental challenges is that children with these conditions struggle to develop social skills. However, Breakthrough ABA can help children overcome this challenge. The team is pleased to offer a ABA social skills training program, which can help a child grow and develop the skills they need to shine. For more information about how this treatment can benefit a child with social challenges, please contact Breakthrough ABA today at 281.899.0146.

What Can a Child Learn in an ABA Social Skills Training Program?

Communication and social skills are a vital part of a person’s ability to function. Learning to talk to other people and effectively interact with their peers can impact how a child’s conversations flow and how others perceive them. A social skills training program can teach a range of skills, such as:

  • The unspoken rules of communication, such as when and how to communicate with others
  • Different methods of communication
  • How to navigate complex situations at school, home, and elsewhere
  • How to make communicating with the people around them less frustrating and more straightforward
  • Using more natural language skills
  • How to develop and maintain friendships

At Breakthrough ABA, our treatment specialists teach social skills in both group and one-on-one situations. Often, it is easier to learn new skills while working alone with a therapist. However, the best way to determine how far the child’s skills have progressed since they started treatment is in a group setting. In a group setting, the child will interact with others at a developmentally comparable level in situations similar to those encountered outside of treatment. This practice provides valuable insight into their abilities to effectively communicate and socialize with other children.

breakthrough aba offers social skills groups for children

Benefits of the ABA Social Skills Training Program

Like each of the programs Breakthrough ABA offers, the social skills training program provides a range of benefits. For instance, the benefits may include:

An increase in the child’s communication skills:

Even if the child is currently nonverbal, they can still improve their communication skills with this program. They have the opportunity to find new ways to work with others and ensure that their peers understand them. It can also help with day-to-day interactions between the parent and the child, as the child can communicate their needs more effectively.

Better problem-solving abilities:

Everyone, from small children to older adults, faces social problems from time to time. With the help of this social skills program, children can learn new ways to solve problems and manage their behaviors.

Learning in a safe place:

A child with autism, like any other person, needs a safe space to engage with their peers, especially when they are beginning to develop these skills. In most cases, it can take the child a short period of time to open up to the peers in this program, but doing so gives them support as they grow.

Improved self-confidence:

When a child is able to engage with other children with similar struggles, they understand they are not alone. Instead, it shows them that it is possible to be themselves as they begin building relationships, which improves their self-confidence.

Each child deserves the chance to thrive. This ABA social skills training program in Houston can give them the opportunity to do just that.

Seek Treatment at Breakthrough ABA

At Breakthrough ABA, the team is committed to helping children with autism and other developmental challenges between eighteen months and ten years develop the skills they need to grow and manage their symptoms. However, the social skills training program is only one service our team provides to clients. To that end, Breakthrough ABA offers a wide array of services, including:

  • Assessments
  • Center Based ABA Therapy
  • Home Based ABA Therapy
  • School Support
  • ABA Parent Training
  • ABA Telehealth Services