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Professional Center-Based ABA Therapy Services in Houston, TX

center based ABA therapy in Houston, TXCenter based therapy at Breakthrough ABA offers assessment, treatment, social skills, parent training programs, as well as families and professional workshops. The center provides a compassionate and welcoming environment with highly trained RBTs and BCBAs providing 1:1 individualized support and group instructions. When applicable, social interactions with peers are included in the treatment plan allowing the acquisition of critical skills for social development.

Breakthrough ABA is committed to the following: therapists that are well trained and supervised, collaborative process with all individuals involved with your child, prioritizing your child’s learning needs, program changes performed in a timely manner, addressing challenging behaviors with an emphasis on utilizing safe, evidence-based and lasting behavior change, and ensuring a fun and structured learning environment.

We are focused on supporting children in meeting and exceeding their developmental and behavioral goals by applying proven, ABA evidence-based strategies that include Discrete Trial Training (DTT) techniques and Natural Environment Training (NET), Reinforcement, Prompting, Fading, Shaping, and Chaining, just to name a few.

The structured environment of the center allows for a consistent experience and measurement and tracking of skills progress from session to session. Some programs may require parents’ involvement, and we will work with you to teach your child using the strategies identified to be effective for your child during therapy sessions.

Among the various developmental skills that center-based services will enable children to practice are:

  • Learning readiness skills such as attention to tasks, tolerating “no,” being able to “give up” a preferred item or “stop” a preferred activity
  • Language and communication skills such as asking for desired items, activity and information, following instructions, labeling, vocabulary development, and conversation skills
  • Social interaction and play skills such as independent play, playing with peers, pretend play, turn-taking, joining others, conversation, and social interaction with peers
  • Self-help skills such as toileting, eating and mealtime behaviors, brushing teeth, and washing & drying hands
  • Pre-academic & classroom skills such as attending to teachers, following group instruction, raising hands to ask questions, working cooperatively with others, and early academics
  • Replacing problem behaviors with appropriate skills

Review of your child’s progress is ongoing to ensure that they are working towards their goals. Our therapists provide constant supervision to ensure the proper implementation of the programs. Program adjustments are recommended and implemented in a timely manner to ensure your child continues to make progress.

We are committed to working with a child’s family, other medical or therapeutic professionals, and academic teachers. This allows us to incorporate and reinforce developmental skills learned in every aspect of the child’s life and ensure progress and goal achievement.

Contact Breakthrough ABA for Center-Based ABA Services across The Greater Houston Area

Each child deserves the best possible future, regardless of their developmental challenges. It is possible to give them the support they need to thrive in a wide array of settings, as Breakthrough ABA offers a variety of services to children between the ages of eighteen months and ten years old, including:

  • Assessments
  • Home Based ABA Therapy
  • School Support
  • ABA Parent Training
  • ABA Social Skills Training
  • ABA Telehealth Services

For more information about the services available or to enroll your child, please contact Breakthrough ABA today at 281.899.0146.