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Our goal is to truly understand the needs for your child and family and to provide safe, compassionate and informed care to help your child thrive.

Read about our 6 -step process for ABA service delivery below : Connect, Consult, Assess, Plan, Intervene and Review.

Step 1


To get started, you can submit your information using the secure form below or send an email or call or visit our center to know about your family.

Step 2


Our team will contact you and set an initial consultation to learn more about your family and ask questions to determine your child’s primary areas of need. The BCBA will provide you with options at no cost. Once you decide to start receiving therapy for your child at Breakthrough ABA, you will be required to complete intake packet and we will work to get authorisation from your insurance company.

Step 3


Once we receive all the required information, one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) will contact you and get started with the assessment. There are different assessments that can be conducted depending on the age and developmental level of your child.

Step 4


A comprehensive treatment plan will be developed collaboratively with parents based on the assessment results including both short and long term goals for your child. The BCBA will develop programs and teaching protocols for all skills acquisition goals, along with target tracking lists, graphs, and any behavioral reduction protocols. After completing the treatment plan, the BCBA will set a meeting with the family to review the treatment plan.

Step 5


Intervention involves a collaborative approach including clinicians implementing direct therapy in 1:1 session, monitoring progress, updating treatment goals, and ensuring your child progress throughout the process. Our BCBAs are highly involved in the process. Their role involves ongoing parent training, supervising clinicians and closely monitoring you child progress. Coaching and ongoing supervision of Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) by BCBAs are necessary to ensure proper implementation of the teaching procedure. Data are gathered every session as a mean to measure and monitor your child’s progress. We ensure many fun opportunities are available and high level of reinforcement occurs during teaching.

Step 6


Review of your child’s program is ongoing and frequent to ensure that they are making progress towards their goals and to recommend and implement program adjustments in timely manner. Collaboration with other professionals on an ongoing basis is important to ensure progress and goal achievement.