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5 MORE Questions You Should Ask Your ABA Provider

1. How do you set and re-evaluate goals? To what extent do you consider parental input?

To start services an initial series of evaluations are completed based on the findings, and your families goals a list of targets are created by the BCBA. Then targets and goals are tailored to your child’s needs throughout the authorization. Within 5 months of services another reassessment is completed, and your child’s progress will be determined, and new goals will be added. It is extremely important for the families to be involved because if we are working on programs that do not fit your family’s needs then there will be little progress made when it comes to the generalization of tasks.

At Breakthrough ABA we are constantly reassessing and making changes to programs so that your child’s programs are individualized and appropriate for your needs. We love and encourage all families to be involved throughout the entire process.

2. Do your clinicians have experience addressing behaviors like my child’s?

The needs of families within this community are very different, which is why individualized programming is key within this field. Understanding if the staff has experience addressing the skill building goals or behavior reduction needs of your child can help to guide your decision.

Our team members at Breakthrough ABA have a wide range of experience from early learners to adults addressing various skill building and behavior reduction programs. Additionally, Breakthrough supports a collaborative culture among and between our professionals so that if a new behavior needs to be addressed that your clinicians haven’t experienced before they have ready access to other team members that know the most effective ways to intervene on those behaviors.

3. What metrics do you use to measure progress?

Professionals in the field of Behavior Analysis make programming decisions based on quantitative data. These data show us if the intervention methods we are using are working or if they need to be modified to show progress. Graphing those data provides us with a visual analysis to let us know what is working and what needs attention.

At Breakthrough ABA, we use the Rethink online practice management system where we collect data on all programming. This system graphs all data to provide visual representation of program progress helping your clinician to make efficient and effective decisions on programming advancement or modifications. Parents also have their own parent portal in this system where they have the capability to log in to the system and review progress data.

4. How often will I see my BCBA supervisor?

It is important that BCBAs do not have overly large caseloads so that they can ensure that their clients and RBTs are receiving the support that they need. This question is important to ask when you are seeking out a provider because it will give you an idea of how mindful the organization is of a BCBAs ability to adequately provide supervision and parent/caregiver training.

Here at Breakthrough ABA, we are committed to caseloads that are manageable and promote client and family success. As such, Breakthrough ABA can ensure families that you will see your BCBA once a week for supervision and once a week for parent/caregiver training.

5. Where do you provide services?

ABA services can be provided in a variety of settings from a clinic to the client’s home, to the community. You might be seeking a specific setting when you are evaluating potentil providers, or you might not know where you would like for services to occur. When you speak to a potential provider, you can ask them where their services take place and you can even ask them if the BCBA will make a setting recommendation during the intake.
Breakthrough ABA provides services in-clinic, home-based setting. We are also capable of providing a hybrid across these settings if that is what will work best for the client.

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