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Breakthrough ABA – Providing In-Home and Center-Based Therapy in the Houston Area

We are a growing ABA therapy provider in Houston and the surrounding area. We have a highly proficient and dedicated team willing to make your experience with ABA Therapy enjoyable. Our team is hand-picked with some of the greatest qualities that align with our values. They are motivated, kind, and they love the community that we serve. We are dedicated to invest into each staff member by teaching the skills necessary to provide one of the best ABA therapy services in the field.

Breakthrough ABA knows that the treatment and programs that are implemented daily are only as strong as the Technicians that we have running them. At Breakthrough we are determined to have all staff sufficiently trained to walk into any home and implement the individualized strategies that the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst has put in place.

Our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts are committed to monitoring each child’s behavior intervention plan and making the necessary changes to provide the best quality of ABA services. Our team is also devoted to training all members of the family so that skills learned in the one-on-one setting will generalize within multiple environments. We believe that all the children that we work with have boundless potential and we are committed to pulling that out of each one of them. By applying the right strategies, having the right resources and best team in place will make our goals possible.

At Breakthrough ABA our mission to provide a welcoming environment where the children we serve can access high-quality treatment. It is also part of our mission to support families by encouraging them to join in the community to access care and gain knowledge. We envision a world that recognizes children with developmental challenges for their strengths rather than their weaknesses. To that end, we are committed to providing the most innovative ABA services to children with autism and other developmental challenges in an ethical, supportive, and inclusive environment. 

Come join our team either as an employee that we pour into learning how you can dedicate your time to families in need, or as a family who we provide high quality ABA services to increasing the value your family has as a whole.

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